Journalist application form for UNISCA 2017

With this form, you can apply for a position for the UNISCA 2017 Press Department. Please fill in the form completely. You can find more information about the journalist program on this page. On this page you can find information about the various committees. This includes the topics and countries which are available for each committee. Please keep this information in mind when you fill out the form below.
Basic contact Information
Given that UNISCA will take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, prospect participants are strongly encouraged to state whether they need a visa to enter the country.
Further contact Information
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Note: we prefer to receive your mobile phone number.
Academic information
Note for non-UvA students: If you are not a student at the University of Amsterdam, our secretary will send you an e-mail on how to enroll as an exchange (“bijvak”) or as a foreign student at the University, which is needed to receive the 6 ECTS credits for successfully completing the UNISCA course.
Journalist programme application

Please choose 3 different committees of preference. Note that we cannot guarantee that you will be placed in your committee of preference. If you are admitted to the programme, you will be informed about the committee you have been placed in within three weeks.

In PDF format.
A scan of your official University transcript (cijferlijst). Formats allowed: PNG, JPEG, GIF, PDF.
Maximum of 150 words.
By registering, you agree to our General Terms and Conditions, and are obligated to pay the enrolment fee, upon admittance to our program. Payment information will be sent to you upon admittance.