UAF partnership

The UNISCA board 2017 is proud to announce the official partnership with the Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF). The UAF, founded in 1948, supports and counsels highly skilled refugees in the Netherlands. They help them with their study and finding suitable employment. Many refugees have studied, and often received a diploma, in their country of origin. The diplomas of these doctors, engineers, law graduates, economists and others are not recognized in the Netherlands. The UAF helps them with a new start in The Netherlands.

This year students from the UAF are able to join the UNISCA summer course. UNISCA will sponsor the UAF students, by financing the cost for the entrance fee. We are very pleased to welcome the student of the UAF to this year’s conference. We believe that the presence of the UAF students will be of great value for the conference. It can lead to interesting discussion, conversations and connections. In turn UNISCA can offer UAF students a change to share their knowledge and experiences, acquire new academic skills and get to know other students in an accessible manner.
We are very pleased to welcome UAF students to this year’s conference.

Find out more about the UAF on their website.